About Us

Jacksonville Beach Surgery Center provides high quality outpatient care with respect to our patients, staff and our entire First Coast community.

Jacksonville is known in the Southern medical community as a pioneer of innovation. Here, we have a long and varied history of surgical specialties, and Jacksonville Beach Surgery Center is no exception. 

During the summer of 2000, local area beach physicians recognized the need for both a non-hospital alternative for beach patients needing outpatient surgery and a venue that could provide lower out-of-pocket expenses to patients. To meet this need, they joined with Symbion Healthcare, now Surgery Partners, a national network of ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) based out of Nashville, Tennessee to open Jacksonville Beach Surgery Center during the summer of 2001. Over the next decade, we realized still an ever-increasing demand for our services and standard of care. During this time, we added several new specialties to our already robust list of surgical offerings including Neurosurgery, Lithotripsy, and Retina surgery.

By 2004, patients knew they had more options when it came to surgery, and Jacksonville Beach Surgery Center continues to be patients' choice over the typical hospital experience. The demand for high quality, convenient healthcare at an exceptional value is now paramount to a traditional surgery setting.  

Jacksonville Beach Surgery Center remains the only true free-standing ASC at the beach performing over 5,000 surgical and non-surgical procedures each year. 

In 2013, LensX laser cataract surgery was implemented, and in 2014 the center became the first location within the state of Florida to acquire the EndoChoice Fuse technology used in colonoscopies. 

No matter our growth, our mission and commitment to our patients always remains the same. Our facility is founded on the deep desire to give patients more, and today we're able to give them so much more than the average surgical experience. 

You really do have a choice when it comes to your surgery. From gynecology to neurosurgery, and ophthalmology to orthopedics, Jacksonville Beach Surgery Center delivers virtually every specialty in the safest manner and at the greatest value to you.